Running through Renaissance Research!

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The sixth graders are off to a whirlwind of start to this year.  We have been exploring notions of what it means to be modern through various aspects of the European Renaissance.  Whether it’s been the writing of Niccolo Machiavelli, the sculpture of Michelangelo, the discoveries of Galileo, or the trailblazing that Henry VIII’s daughter, Queen Mary I, endured to become the first woman ruler of England, we have considered why historians have chosen this era as the first in their series of modern eras.  We have also spent time analyzing those traits that best characterize Renaissance painting in the works of Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, and others.

The students will begin their Renaissance projects this week, so please be sure to to download the information guide they received about it as well as the final grading rubric. Simply click on the highlighted words below to obtain these documents.  Much of the work will be done in class, but there will be some aspects of the project that will need to be done outside of school.  As always, please be in touch with me should you have any questions or concerns.

The students have also had vocabulary and writing assignments.  In particular, their journaling  has allowed me to know where the students are not only in their written abilities but also in their personal interests.  I have enjoyed getting to know the students through their writing and in expressing their areas of curiosity.  It’s been a pleasure to welcome them into our close middle school community. I’m looking forward to a fantastic year of growth and fun.


P.S. Ask your students about the mural above. You’ll be impressed.

Renaisance project

Project Rubric – Renaissance