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Brennion’s Beehive Update


Dates to Remember:

September 25- No School

September 26- No School

September 29- Early Release & Student Learning Conferences

October 3- Early Release

General Studies:

Science and Social Studies-Texas Regions Project

Math- Multiplication Strategies

ELA- Project, Class Novel


 Science & Social Studies

We have embarked on our first project of the year! Since our Science and Social Studies units overlap, our project is based in both subjects. The students have been researching their regions. They have also been putting their map skills to good use as they select a route through their region. Taking on the voice of a travel writer, they are working individually on a paper that showcases their areas of Texas. We are incorporating science by highlighting the landforms as attractions and noting the changes that took place to create such a landscape.


Math has even made its way into our first project. They are using their addition strategies to help them calculate the mileage for their route through their region of Texas. They are also learning how to apply and input information into a formula to reach a final answer as they calculate the travel time and expected cost of gas.

As we continue with number fluency, we have refreshed our knowledge of basic multiplication facts and learned some new strategies to increase our speed while maintaining accuracy. Now, we are looking at more multiplication strategies that will help us when we encounter problems that use multi-digit numbers.


   English Language Arts

Our first project also overlaps into our ELA time. The students have been taking their research and knowledge to create a passage that encourages travelers to come visit their region of Texas. With this writing, we are exploring the idea of voice. We are also utilizing the Chromebooks to ease aspects of the writing process like editing and multiple drafts. Eventually, these passages will be the basis of the group project which includes creating a slideshow presentation on Texas.

We have also made it about halfway through our first class novel, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. The students seem to really enjoy discussing a novel that everyone is reading. They are making great inferences about the characters. As we conclude the novel, the students will get to choose a short project to showcase not only their individual talents but also what they have learned and taken from the novel.


Coming Soon

  • Field Trip information!