Spotlighting Third Grade!

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Our new third graders have had a busy start of the year! Because third graders actively choose “just right” books we began our year by exchanging shoes and trying them on. Just like shoes, our book choices are unique to each of us and it is important that we find the perfect fit. Reading everyday will increase our stamina, build fluency, grow our vocabulary and help us become better writers.


During our math workshop, students express themselves mathematically by explaining their reasoning and demonstrating their models.


Here Gabriella is explaining her strategy for calculating elapsed time using a number line.

Third graders are actively engaged in learning. Having spent many years learning to read and write, third grade is a time where we read & write “to learn.” A fun way to engage the students in note taking is through interactive note taking. Students record the information using interactive notes  where they can cut, glue and color as they record required information. We call this “college work.” They just think it is fun!

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These students are creating Animal Classification Books.

Following this activity, as a review activity, students worked in small groups to demonstrate their knowledge of animal classification. Together they sorted and classified animals while working cooperatively.

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In writing workshop, our class is working on crafting true stories or personal narratives. We have been working on developing our stories. Here the students are identifying a place that is very special and holds a lot of memories. In order to develop these ideas, the pictures in our minds must be clear. So, we began by mapping out our special places so that we can visualize our special places and recall the memories.

IMG_1297Here Megan is drawing her home in great detail to recall the place that is special to her.

I am enjoying getting to know your children and working with them. We are a small but mighty group with great thinkers. I look forward to sharing all of our highlights throughout the year!