Middle School Hebrew

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Dear Parents
During this month we learned in class different ways of dialogue, focusing on how we introduce our self and how we get to know the other person in a conversation. We learned how to conjugate verbs and expanded our vocabulary. This assisted us by using the verbs correctly in a sentence while corresponding with the identify of the person that we are talking to or talking about. Furthermore, the extended vocabulary included types of professions. This further helped us to describe the person we were talking to or about.
In our NETA book we learned how to identify and understand the link between a letter to a word and a word in a sentence in Hebrew. During this practice, we linked the Alef-Beit letters to our Hebrew name, learning about the association between the two.
Our current unit examines how we orient ourselves in space. Particularly, we would focus on objects and locations within the city landscape. We would learn the relevant vocabulary that includes names of locations (cinema, bank, museum, school, etc.) and directions (here and there).
Thanks for your support
Hamora Rachel