Rome, Christianity and some Turkish Delight

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Hello everyone!

We are halfway through our unit on Rome and the spread of Christianity.  It’s been challenging and fun. Students started by getting a good foundation into the history and characteristics of the Roman culture. We have then spent quality time viewing the societal pressures and what we know about the history at the time of Jesus. Students were given a persona at the beginning of this study (either a Roman authority, contemporary Jew of that time period, or an early follower of Jesus).  Then through the lenses of their personas, wrote their story of Jesus. After that, the class dividing into groups where students from each persona shared their stories. Students looked at what was similar and different in their perspectives.  To continue this theme of oral tradition and story-telling, students read some of Jesus’ own parables.

Next week, students will be beginning special projects around key events in the timeline of Christianity from its beginning through Protestant restoration.  Students will write a research paper for their topic and give a mini-lesson in class. I’m really excited to see our students become scholars and teachers.

In reading our book,turksih delight 2 the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis, we are continuing this discussion of story-telling and looking at how subtle Christian themes are imbedded into this story due to the author’s background as a devout Christian.  We are pausing in our readings each day to look deeply at the symbolism in the story.  Today, students also enjoyed getting a taste of Turkish delight while discussing the book (those of you who have read the book will appreciate this 🙂 ).