February blog

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It has been a busy month for Kindergarten. We enjoyed a field trip to the newly opened interactive science museum which included a show in the planetarium as a culminating activity for our unit on light.

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The first week in February, our Open Door days were filled with fun Groundhog activities, including their predictions of whether the groundhog would see his shadow, and learning a song about Groundhog Day.

We did a fun activity with our fourth grade buddies. They were working on circuit boards and they made age appropriate games to test out with Kindergarten using their knowledge of circuit boards. Kindergarten loves their buddy activities!!

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Kindergarten has now been brainstorming ways to help the world, both the physical earth, as well as the people who live on the earth. They just finished their mitzvah project, which demonstrated how one person can make a difference. After earning the money to make a stuffed animal, the children waited anxiously for EMS to come to the school to take the donations for sick or injured children. When the children put their stuffed animal on the stretcher to be taken away, there was not one complaint or tear which was amazing! The paramedics were kind enough to let the students climb into the ambulance and then talk to them about how they help people. The children were very curious about their job and asked many thoughtful questions.

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We will be learning more about reducing, reusing, and recycling and using recyclable material in a creation station.

Banana peelings and apple cores left from lunches have been put to good use as we continue to use worms to convert organic waste into fertilizer. We will be getting ready to start our spring garden soon. Much to the children’s delight, the fall garden produced giant radishes and spinach. We learned, however, that just because you plant seeds, does not necessarily mean they will grow well- we have not seen broccoli yet! The girls love going out to the garden to observe the changes.


In math we have been exploring weight with pan balances, and capacity tubs of rice and various sizes of containers.

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During exploration time one of the children’s favorite activities of late is the block area. I think we may have some future architects!

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it is the long awaited Zero the Hero, who has been leaving zero shaped surprises for the children every ten days of school! Before he showed up they made a graph using answers to the question “Can you guess what Zero will bring in the bag today?” The three things they came up with were eggs, donuts, and soda cans!-very interesting! What he actually brought was 100th day wristbands, 100th day pencils, and a toy. In preparation for the 100th day, our Open Door activities were making 100th day necklaces, changing colors every five beads, and decorating crowns with ten groups of ten stickers. The children brought in their creative 100 day collections and are on display in the hallway for all to see. Going on a 100 Hershey Kiss hunt was definitely a highlight, as well as the stations manned by our wonderful parent helpers.


Coming up in the next month will be a field trip to Ecology Action, looking for ways to help around out campus, and a mini unit for Dr. Seuss week.