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1A had a great time learning all about four cities in Italy.  We divided into groups where each group created a diorama and poster representing their Italian city.  We had a Leaning Tower of Pisa,P1100735

the Colosseum  in Rome, P1100737 a pizza restaurant from Naples, ruins from Pompeii P1100742 and gondolas from the Grand Canal in Venice. P1100736 The children enjoyed working together and learning about the cities as a group.  We had our Tour of Italy in the MPR where we showcased our hard work and enjoyed pasta, Italian sweets and cookies, gelato and Italian bread with olive oil.P1100743

In math, we are getting much faster at our math facts.  We are able to reverse the fact by coming up with the turnaround fact as well as the subtraction fact.  We have been stamping money to help us identify and count and are having a lot of fun with the money puzzle in our room.P1100733

In Language Arts we’ve read many books and have written Flat Stanley stories,  A Tree is Nice class book and are preparing for our field trip to One World Theater and doing many activities from the stories we will hear.  In Science we are learning about Force and Motion and have played with magnets and talked about friction.  We are looking forward to more experiments in science.

Here’s to a fabulous February.