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Happy New Year and welcome back to school.  We were happy to see our friends and teachers and are looking forward to the new year.

Our first week back we heard the book Flat Stanley and are looking forward to Stanley’s adventures in Italy.  In first grade we learn about different countries and cultures.  So far Venice and Pisa have been very interesting.

We began work on our science fair class project.  We discussed the Scientific Method and have come up with a hypothesis.  Doing the experiments  was a lot of fun and we will repeat them next week.  This week we had our AJA buddies assist us in our experiment in the Becker Science Lab.  Here are some photos from this week getting ready and doing our experiments.

Paper towels for our experiment.
Paper towels for our experiment.
Measuring how much water the paper towel absorbed.
Squeezing the water out to get ready to measure.