1B Class News and Notes

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Time flies in first grade!  We are learning so much each day.  In English/Language Arts we are in our second week of working with our digraphs (ch, th, sh, wh, ck) and are learning sentence types (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative).  Ask your child to tell you about the character puppets we made to help us remember and practice them!  We also read ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ and retold the story in four parts using our own purple crayons – it was fun!

In Science, we completed our first experiment and worked in groups to use the scientific method to report on our process and results.  In Math, we’re busy adding real objects and making equations as well as reviewing tally marks, working with numbers 1-100, and finding patterns (they’re everywhere!).  Finally, in Social Studies, we’ve been learning about why symbols are used and what they mean including everything from hearts and peace signs all the way to math symbols and American and Texas symbols.  One of our classmates just returned from Japan so we’re talking about how symbols can help us when we don’t speak the language, too.  And finally (!) we received our first Scholastic book order of the year for all of our students who have been waiting patiently.  If you missed out on the order and want to place one, just visit the Scholastic Website, click connect with your teacher, and enter our class code (MKLWF).

Looking ahead: Next week we’ll be working on retelling stories we read with an emphasis on sequencing and main idea/supporting details in addition to stretching our sentence creation muscles.  In Science, we’ll be learning about states of matter and making a concoction that might be tricky to categorize.  In Math, we’ll start to work with coins and begin telling time to the hour (although these skills will be built upon and developed throughout the year).  Our first graders are practicing presenting in front of their peers each week, excited to share their journal writing and personal stories, setting goals, and other good stuff.  Mark your calendars, our Fall Portfolio Day will be Friday, December 12th and students will have the opportunity to share some of their ideas, work, and projects with you.

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Last-but-not-least, a buddy project update:

We are working with Mrs. Hidalgo’s 5th grade class on ‘plants that heal’ this year.  We got together last week to see, smell, and feel the generously donated plants and will be taking care of them and putting them to good use with our projects throughout the year.  And today we finally got to plant them!  Time with our buddies is a highlight for our first graders and it’s so fun to watch them learn and explore with their teammates.

Thanks for all you do to help make our first grade year one to remember!