1st grade, Art Cafe, Ms.Slom

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While looking at ancient Egypt we decided to make Pharoh’s necklace: We chose a plain paper plate of dinner plate size one with a definite rim. We cut out the central section and decorated around the rim to look like a multi-coloured faience collar. We used sharpies and markers to create repetitive patterns. We then used metallic markers for accents and added gem stones and bing.

Every year the AJA National Junior Honor Society dedicates numerous hours to school and community service projects. This spring, the NJHS is proud to present the Pho Pho Fun Fest! The NJHS students have been busy making the ceramic bowls. Each student then decorated a bowl, which was then fired and glazed.

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Mothers day Picasso’s hands-We started off by looking at the painting of Hands and Flowers (1958) by Pablo Picasso and then painted our own. We first traced our own hands on each side of the page and then drew our flowers in oil pastels and joined the flowers to the hands by adding the flower stems. The students enjoyed creating these masterpieces for their mothers.