1st Grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

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1st grade students enjoyed creating Trees in oil pastels and learning about negative/positive space in Art. The students were inspired by “Eight positive trees” made by Israeli Artist, Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015). In this art piece Kadishman Shows his ongoing fascination which reflects his childhood and youth (like many Israeli children) that planted trees throughout Israel during the spring season and Tu’ Bishvat.

We have been busy preparing an art project for the “Celebrate Israel’s 70th“  Art Show.1st grade student learnt how to write “Israel” and “70” in bubble letters in English and in Hebrew and created birthday cards for Israel’s 70th birthday. The students colored/painted in watercolor crayons.


For our annual school gala (April 22)each grade level is creating a table top/door mural of one of the seven days of creation. 1st grade has created the second day of creation-the separation of the waters-sky and ocean. 1st grade started by painting their interpretation of this theme  in water colors without much guidance and then each student got a part of the door surface to paint in either dark or light blues and will then paint their interpretation onto the surface. 1st grade students enjoyed preparing the surface and painting together.

After learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his friend Paul Gauguin and looking Van Gogh’s chairs. Kinder students then drew their own chairs on scratch art paper. As they drew they removed the thin layer of black paint to discover the color beneath.