1st Grade Hebrew by Ms. Gubani

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The 1st grader are making big strides in their reading skills. A lot of them already read short sentences like:  אמא בבית(Ima ba-bayit = mother is home). They can also answer a question like:  איפה אמא?(eyfo Ima = where is Ima), or מי בבית? (mi babayit? Who is home?). This week we will be learning the names of the meals: ארוחת בוקר   (aruchat boker – breakfast), ארוחת צהריים   (aruchat tsaharayim – lunch), and ארוחת ערב   (aruchat erev – dinner). Our boys should be able to read and say: אני אוכל ארוחת בוקר  (ani ochel aruchat boker – I eat breakfast (male) ) and our girls should be able to read and say: אני אוכלת ארוחת בוקר  (ani ochelet aruchat boker – I eat breakfast (female) ). I am no longer going to assign online Hebrew reading since the last lessons on Berhman house website are too difficult. However, your child will still benefit from reading  twice a week and practice again lessons 10-20.

Our proficient students now read short stories in Hebrew and answer questions that show their understanding of the story read. Most students are capable of doing it all by themselves. It seems that they enjoy getting library books in Hebrew. Please remember to return the books on Thursday (or earlier)!