1st Grade Hebrew Update

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In the past two weeks we introduced a new method for teaching a second language called, TPR Storytelling. This method which originated in California is extremely effective, and is now used widely in the US. I use information that the children share about their life, pets ,likes and dislikes and I weave all of this into a short funny story. The students become characters rather then spectators, and therefore, are asked to leave the comfort of their seat, dress up, and act out the story. The story will always start with a character who wants something or needs something. The character will go places and try to achieve its goal. In the end, the he/she will get its wish. At each phase of the narrative I question the story constantly similarly to what I did in the demo on Back To School Night. This provides so much repetition of the vocabulary and language structures, which helps cement the information in students’ brains. After acting the story, we then listen to the story read aloud. As a culminating activity the students are paired up and each student reads the story to her/ his partner. Having heard the story before reading it, makes the reading so much easier and more fluent. In addition, we have already done a very intense review of the letters, especially focusing on all the look alike shapes. Moreover, most of the vowels and their sounds were taught already. We are on our way of achieving Hebrew decoding skills!
Looking forward to working with your children!

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