1st Grade Hebrew Update

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Our current basal reader is called, It’s Super, So Cold! (Ezeh Yofi, Kahr!). This story focuses on a group of children who go out on a cold, snowy day to build a snowman. They build it in stages, adding another part/organ each time. The snowman comes to life and starts talking. He is very happy to see that he has a head and a body, but to his dismay, he is missing some other features such as a nose, mouth, arms etc. The children work tirelessly running back and forth, fetching a carrot, tree branches, a hat and other items to complete the snowman. In order to enliven our learning process, each student began to create his/her own snowman. We work together while speaking only Hebrew. We are acquiring key action vocabulary such as cutting, gluing, putting, writing, and picking. The students have the chance to personalize their snowman. For example, some chose buttons for his eyes and some chose googly eyes. They picked different eye color and some even decided to make it a Cyclops with just one eye. As a culminating activity, each student will add a piece in writing to describe her/his snowman. In order to do that, we will teach a key language structure in Hebrew that is, To ___ there is___ ( Le______ yesh____ ). This is how we say that someone has something. Our next project would be to write about ourselves,  Details to follow soon…

Looking forward to starting a new semester with your children!

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