1st grade,Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

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We started out by introducing ourselves in the “All about Me” unit through Self Portraits. We read and looked at the illustrations in I like myself by Karen Beaumont and Look at me by Ruth Thomson. We drew with pencil, and then colored with crayons. Our artists enjoyed using looking at themselves in the mirrors and drawing what they saw.

The Art curriculum at the AJA is based on the Elements and Principles of Art and Design.

Our first element of art and Design this year is Line and Shape. We talked about warm colors-red, yellow, orange and cool colors- Blue, green, purple. We looked at Wassily Kandinsky’s (1866-1944) abstract paintings and had a very interesting discussion about, what is an Abstract painting? Students started out by drawing a variety of different lines on a large piece of paper and then are using tempera paints to fill in the shapes that the lines have created. Once dry, the students took either black or white tempera paint and painted over the lines.