We "speak" for the Earth!

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Our “How can we help the Earth” unit was a perfect segue into our Dr. Seuss week. Here are some activities that Kindergarten has been busy doing these last two weeks:

  • Field trip to Ecology Action
  • Sorting recycling materials
  • Creating “cityscapes” in technology with recycling materials
  • Discovering ways we can help the earth right in our classroom: using both sides of our paper, saving scraps of paper for other projects, turning off the lights and water when we don’t need them, using our water bottles at lunch instead of the disposable cups, and saving our fruit and vegetables for composting
  • Picking up trash around the campus
  • Reading the book The Lorax and writing about how we can help the earth
  • Reading Dr. Seuss books with our buddies
  • Discovering rhymes in Dr. Seuss books
  • Dressing up like our favorite Dr. Seuss character
  • Making edible Cat in the Hat treats (layered mini pancakes, whipped topping, strawberries)
  • Making Cat in the Hat masks
  • New song for our song and poem binder with a Thing One pointer
  • Vowel review: song and activity
  • Looking for more colorful words in Writer’s Workshop
  • Making cookies for our 4th grade buddies and workers on our campus for Random Acts of Kindness week
  • Writing letters to our buddies
  • Double ten frame game, and bears on the bus game in math
  • The equal sign in our word problems
  • Shape hunt around campus using tally marks
  • Calendar math

dr seuss                          trash

Dr. Seuss Day                                                                     Ready to clean up trash on our campus

As we move into spring, we will plant our spring garden and start our last big unit of the year- Birds! On March 24 we will be receiving our chicken eggs for hatching from Travis County extension services- it turned out the only day they could deliver them will be on the day of our school Purim celebration, so that will be an easy day to remember. We will be setting them in our incubator and waiting for twenty one days and hoping that at least a few of the eggs will hatch!! We will be taking a field trip to Coyote Creek farms in April where we will learn about free range chicken farming. As soon as we get the date confirmed, we will be asking for drivers.

It is hard to believe that we are in the last big push of Kindergarten! It will be a productive and fun period. The students will be doing a bird project as a culminating activity. We will be asking for your assistance down the road, as we gather information about the particular bird they have chosen.