Second Grade May Blog (Jewish Studies)

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Second graders have been busy learning all about towers! Well, one particular tower – the Tower of Babel. We read the story and have done several fun activities to learn all about this. One of these fun activities is showcased in the pictures below – the Marshmallow-Spaghetti Challenge! In small groups, students were given the challenge of building the tallest tower out of (uncooked) spaghetti, marshmallows, and tape. The catch – they couldn’t speak! Then in the next round, they could only make nonsense (babbling) sounds and finally in the last round, they were allowed to whisper with their teammates. Many of them finally understood how critical it is to have good communication when working as a team – and why the people had to stop building the Tower of Babel when they could no longer communicate.


We also learned about Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who “invented” Modern Hebrew. We saw how immigrants coming to Israel all spoke different languages, so Ben-Yehuda created this new language to unify all of the “Olim” (immigrants) so they could communicate. Your second grader is also creating their own unique language and will soon try to communicate with others using this new language. We’ve also been learning the Baruch SheAmar prayer, which being with “G-d spoke and the world was created” so we’ve been talking about the types of “worlds” we can create with our words!