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The Monthly Roar

Technology – Michele Rosen

The kids have been having a fun time working on pre-reading skills using Road to Reading ( This site allows players to work on visual discrimination, aural discrimination, memory, and matching. It then moves in to letter/sound recognition and site...

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National Honor Society!

The following students are in this year’s honor society: Akshay Aggerwal Noam Ben-Avi Maya Coplin Barrett Dover Rony Hacham Jack Landrum Rebecca Levitt Daniel Miller Shirel Miller Noa Porten Izzy Rosenmann Isaac Swedlow Ruth Wolfryd Mazel Tov!

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Positive Discipline Techniques Workshop

Positive Discipline Techniques! All parents know the moment, when a fun outing can turn into a whine fest, and their child dissolves into a royal tantrum, for all the world to see.  What’s this behavior trying to tell us?  There are significant developmental changes occurring in children who are 5-8 years old, and these changes open up a new level of options and discipline techniques...

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