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The Monthly Roar


Thank you AJA Friends and Families for the following tributes: Sandy Wright made a donation in honor of the graduation of the 8th grade students. Cheryl Hersh and Greg Sapire both made tributes in memory of Brett Hurt’s mother. The Bonilla family made tributes recognizing Kathy Rosenmann and Ilene Novy as great teachers! Cheryl Hersh made a donation in honor of Treva Horowitz’s...

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The MaccaBee May 24th, 2012

Letter From the Head of School AJA’s Year In Review I, for one, always enjoy the “year in review” lists that come out in December to recap the year’s major news events and the most notable happenings in pop culture. It’s been a great year at AJA, so here are some of highlights: Enrollment soared to 143 students. Two...

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AJA Could Win $10,000!

Please vote for AJA in the Box Tops for Education Sweepstakes! Please register at this link; AJA could win a bonus 100,000 Box Tops (that’s $10,000!) You can register to receive daily reminders to vote everyday, upping our chances to...

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