Things are "buzzing" in Kindergarten

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AJA Kindergarten children have been busy little “bees” since the beginning of school. One of the reasons I have chosen bees as our symbol for Kindergarten is because we can learn so much from studying bees that can relate to our classroom. One of the most important things I try to teach the children is that each person is important in our class. We all help in different ways, and when we do our jobs well, it contributes to the good of our “school family.” We have just one main rule in our class- Be Helpful.

The children have made the transition to Kindergarten beautifully. They come to the classroom from Asayfaht Boker (morning meeting) and each child skillfully hangs up their backpacks, gets out their lunchbox, snacks, and water bottle, then puts their name card in the pocket chart to show they are present. We then, “wake up” our brain with music and movement and greet each other to foster peer connections. We have been practicing eye contact, smiles, and assertive voices as we give our greeting. Next we read our morning message so the children have a sense of what is going on during the day and we check the schedule together. Following that, we have several math based routines that involve graphing the weather, graphing a morning question, keeping track of the number of days we have been in school, the calendar, etc.

Following the morning routine, we move into Writer’s Workshop where the children are starting to write about things that have happened to them, things that are important to them, or things that they know a lot about. At different times during our day, we then work on more math, reading, science, and social studies skills.

Our beginning unit is “All About Me” which will last until the end of October. As part of “who we are,” we will learn about our families, our homes, where we live in the community, and then finish the unit by learning about our senses. Planting a fall garden will be incorporated as we learn about being a part of our school community.

We have been exploring and comparing pattern blocks. The children created their own designs and explained their plan for building.

We are off to a great start!