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We are off to a great start in our elementary music classes! 14047096_10157223865430328_2311235071144636030_o

This year we are embarking on a new musical journey in our “Music Memory” course. Each of the classes will learn 16 pieces of Classical music, and will learn about the instruments involved, the composer, the musical elements, and much more. The students are excited about this project, which will culminate with a state wide competition.

I’m also so glad to learn that many of our students are seasoned musicians themselves. This will come in handy as we begin to perform songs on piano, guitar, a variety of percussion instruments, and many others. This week we have been focusing on distinguishing between the beat and rhythm. In particular, how to identify the pulse in music, and how to add different rhythms using whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes on top. The kids have also had a fun time learning the “Rhythm Song” below. We also learned our first Music Memory Piece, “Cantina Band” from Star Wars Episode IV by John Williams.