Kinder Hebrew Happenings!

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I am astonished how much we have accomplished this year.

Our Kindergartners have come a long, LONG way in their Hebrew skills! Those same students who had no Hebrew knowledge at all are now very comfortable listening and responding to Hebrew. They are writing Hebrew letters, words and, of course, their names. Your child should be able to spell out the letters in their name in Hebrew without a pen and paper, as well!

The Kindergartners are currently learning the LAST letter in the Hebrew Alpha-Bet, which will complete our Unit on Hebrew letters and Vocabulary. I am impressed with the successful recognition of letters, even being able to differentiate between letters that are very, very similar and in different fonts! Most children can tell you the name, sound, and some vocabulary words (or phrases) for each Hebrew letter! They are excited to show you their long time coming Hebrew letter portfolio at portfolio day.

It seems the last letter we wrote about was LAMED.

Here is a brief overview of the letters we did since then. (I have included some, not all, of our vocabulary words below.)

MEM is for Melech, king and Malkah, queen. We had fun dressing up and doing some acting acting as Hebrew speaking Kings and Queens. We also had a discussion about Mayim, water and the different places and forms we find Mayim in. We learned a classic Hebrew song about Mayim.

NUN was for Ner/Nerot-candle/candles. We read a few books and learned about Nerot Shabbat/ Shabbat Candles. The kids were really excited to learn about Nerot Shabbat and take 2 Nerot to light at home.

SAMECH is for Sus (soos), Horse and Sefer/Sefarim, book/books. We took the time to make our own Hebrew Sefarim to review some of our acquired Hebrew. We used the color Sagol, Purple since it was on of our SAMECH words.

AYIN is for Ayin/Eynaim, eye/eyes and Igul/Igulim, circle/s. We used our Eynaim to look at the Olam, world and discussed what we see baChutz (outside, previous vocab word). We found that Etz/Etzeim, tree/trees and Ananim, clouds start with AYIN, as well!

PEH, FEH and FEH SOFIT were fun. They are all the same letter! (well, kind of). When the letter has a dagesh, dot its a PEH. When the letter has no dagesh, its a FEH and when its at the end of a word it becomes elongated and is a FEH SOFIT. At this point we looked back to see what other letters have various forms. The kids took on to this very nicely with the foundation we have laid out using this letter! PEH was also a favorite since it stands for Perach, flower and Parpar, butterfly.

A fun thing we do in class is check for vocabulary words on our clothing. Perach and Parpar were a popular item on the girls!

Here is a song about a Parpar

TZADI is for Tzipor, bird. In JS we discussed Tzizit,  a garment that is a mitzvah for men wear.

KUF is for Kof, monkey.

For RESH we reviewed Rosh, head and Raglayim, feet. Ra-ash, means noise (that was a fun game….I’ll let you use your imagination for that one 😉

SHIN and SIN was our last 2-in-1 letter. when the dagesh is n the right its a SHIN (shhh-sound). When its on the left it is pronounced “SIN” (ssss sound). Shinayim, teeth and Shir, song start with Shin.

Lastly, in Hebrew (and JS) we have been learning about Israel for Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s independence day.

It was heart warming to see children get so excited about a land that most have never seen before. We spoke about many aspects of Israel  and watched a clip of this video. Mostly, we focused on the Outstanding things happening in Israel despite the country’s tiny size and extremely young age. The kids made flags and marched around with pride.

“I WANT TO GO TO ISRAEL SOOOO BADLY!” one girl said with her hands on her head.

“Look, Miss Yonit!” said another. “We are all Jewish! waving the flags!” with the biggest smile I have seen on her to date.

(I love my job!)


We hope to sing for you a very special song we learned to celebrate Israel and our Hebrew study at Graduation.

Thanks for reading!