Marvelous May

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Strap in for a whirlwind tour through our spring trimester at the Science and Innovation Center!


Third trimester is always a busy one for members of the National Junior Honor Society, and this spring was no exception. In addition to volunteering at Community First, these exceptional leaders managed to raise over $2000 for greenhouse education. The first annual Farmer’s Market was a great success!

We look forward to the NJHS Induction ceremony on May 23rd at 2:30.


This trimester, the passion project students worked hard to bring their projects to fruition. Each and every student has struggled, persevered, and should feel immensely proud of their accomplishments. Please join us for the TED talks on May 24th from 10 to 12 at Temple Beth Shalom when these amazing students share their projects with our community.

Liora met with Federico, a well-known graffiti artist to discuss her mural.
Aiden and Royce
Liri learns sign language
Ally and Eli try to escape from Jessica’s escape room
Mr. Caplovitz teaches the kids how to deliver a good TED talk
Liora paints her mural
Noah raises coral and breeds clownfish
Ben meets with Israeli producer, Arik Davidovitch



Community workshop is all about collective responsibility and innovation. It’s noticing how we can care for and improve the science and innovation center grounds and systems – then rolling up our sleeves and pitching in. I love this time with the kids because ALL of us are learning as we go – authentic trial and error. It’s ongoing and iterative. It’s engineering, problem solving, and good old fashioned hard work.



This trimester, the 8th grade students were immersed the physics of energy, force, motion, work, power, and simple machines! Our culminating project: deigning and building a roller coaster that demonstrates the principles of energy and motion! We have moved onto the study of waves and will take our final exam when the students return from New York.





Sixth grade math students have focused on geometry and measurement this trimester. The final exam will take place on May 25th.

Pictured here the students are exploring volume and mass.




This trimester, following the design process, students worked with their design teams to create a toy for occupational therapists to use for therapy with children with cerebral palsy. They used their understanding of design tools, technology, and teamwork to communicate ideas and collaborate with their design teams. After designing, building and testing their toys, the teams pitched their ideas to a shark tank in an effort to find funding to market their toys.



Teams of students combined their knowledge hardware and software to solve a problem. Teams worked together to create a solution to a problem such as building a traffic light, a toll bridge, an elevator, a spinning sign, and many more.