General Studies

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What a fabulous Friday!  We had a Passover Activity for Kabbalat Shabbat with different stations. In case you are wondering what the plastic bag with various items inside is, think about the 10 plagues! Next we read books with our 4th grade buddies. The children always enjoy our cross grade activities.

We worked together on a class poem and it was so much fun! The children are looking forward to writing their first poem next week. I have been “priming” the pump for quite some time now about how poets see ordinary things in a “fresh, new way” and so today we developed a poem together called The Box, about a cardboard box. We have some very creative thinkers in this classroom! I typed it and made a copy for each child and they will illustrate it and put it in their Song and Poem Binders next week.

During snack time we have started reading Charlotte’s Web and the children are already very engaged in the story. The particular copy of the book that I have uses Roman numerals for the number of the chapter and they are fascinated by that. They keep asking me to write down a certain number in Roman numerals- I am going to have to brush up on that! Upon completion of the book, we will watch the most recent video of Charlotte’s Web.

The children have LOVED studying about the farm. They have asking so many relevant questions and deeply engaged in discussions regarding what happens on farms and whether they would like to live on a farm and why.  We read a book called No, No, Titus, which is about a farm dog that does not know what he is supposed to do until he hears a fox “pitter- pattering” to the chicken coop and then he chases it into the woods and now everyone on the farm thinks he is a great watchdog. The students made a story map and they are so proud of their work- you may want to come and check it out in the hallway.

They also picked a farm animal and then made a “web’ with characteristics of that animal. They are hanging in the classroom. I think the hallway looks great with their barn mobiles too.