2nd grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

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The 2nd grade students learnt about balance in Art. We looked at Edward Degas ballerina’s as reference. We first made pipe cleaner mannequins and then learnt about human body and the proportions. We learnt that the human head goes into the length of the body 8 times and that the shoulders are three times the width of the head. We then drew the human body and colored it in sharpie and chalk pastels. Students then dressed the ballerinas in a beautiful 3D tutu-. All the students enjoyed this multi-medium project.

Our Annual school gala is on February 25th and each grade level creates beautiful Art projects for the silent Auction. The art projects are available for purchase at the gala. Our 2nd graders finished their Art project for the gala and are now working on a social studies/Art projects.