2nd grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

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We started out by introducing ourselves in the “All about Me” unit through Self Portraits. We read and looked at the illustrations in I like myself by Karen Beaumont. We drew with pencil, colored with crayons. Our young artists enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirrors and drawing what they saw.

The Art curriculum at the AJA is based on the Elements and Principles of Art and Design.

Our first element of art and Design this year is Shape. We started this project by looking at Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and his art. We then looked at The goldfish of 1910 and discussed the different elements of the painting-the background, the foreground, what we see in the picture, and what we “don’t” see but know is in the painting, how Mattise created the illusion of transparency of the glass fish bowl.  We then discussed what a “multi-medium collage” is-and how to create one using Henri Mattise’s Goldfish as inspiration for our paintings. We first painted the background in tempera paints on white paper and then created the legs of the table and the wicker chair on side. Students then painted their table top separately on packaging paper  and cut them out once dry and glued it in place and finally the students created their very own fish bowls with fish that were colored in crayon and then painted in water colors. These were assembled to the collage to create a complete painting. Students enjoyed to process and the use of different art materials during this project.