2nd Grade Buzz

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Shana tova! Hope you all had a great holiday and are looking forward to a fantastic 5773!

This week in writer’s workshop, we’re preparing to write personal narratives. With the holidays upon us, one of the most relevant ways to get started is by writing about how the students celebrate, family traditions, and how they spent their holiday break. We’ve begun writing short responses to prompts, and next week the students will choose an event or moment in their lives that they’d like to write about in greater detail. We’re practicing writing complete detailed sentences, sticking to a topic, and always always always editing for correct capitalization and punctuation. As we get closer to taking our stories to the publishing step, we will begin talking about additional things to look for in the editing step, such as spelling and grammar, and revising our stories to make them more interesting to an audience or reader.

In reading, we have been discussing what’s involved in being a “good reader”. We created a chart showing some of the things we talked about, including choosing appropriate texts, using the five finger rule, finding connections, and questioning. We’ve also begun working in reading groups this week, and the students are all very excited. We’re starting with short, non-fiction texts to practice getting in the habit of looking back in a text to find information, underlining important details, and pausing to ask ourselves questions to check for understanding. Soon, we may begin to send texts home for a repeat read or to accompany a short homework assignment.

In math we have begun using calculators to practice repeated addition and skip counting. We learned two games, Beat the Calculator and Broken Calculator. Feel free to ask your child to show you how to play them!

Enjoy the weekend and chag sameach!

-Mrs. Schwartz and Ms. Farber