2nd Grade Hebrew- Mrs. Ruiz

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In 2nd Grade we are working very hard on our Friend’s Album projects. The students are creating a kind of scrapbook that tells about their friends. The scrapbook includes both text and pictures and it requires the students to apply all the vocabulary and language structures they acquired this year. In addition to this we are also continuing with our program Chaverim B’ivrit unit 1. We will be reading our last story in it; the story of the two brothers, Nahum and Avner, who celebrate their birthdays at different times. Avner the older, is jealous of his little brother who gets to party during the school year with his friends from class. Avner, on the other hand, celebrates in the summer just with the family. Avner’s mom will have to come up with a smart solution to help her son. Many of our students, whose birthday is in the summer months, will identify with Avner. We will discuss the problem and suggest ideas to help solve it.