2nd grade Judaics Update

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Second Grade is having a blast in Jewish Studies!!!

We had a lot of fun learning about Israeli leaders and symbols, to coincide with their General Studies learning about Presidents Day and Patriotism. We learned about the history of the flag and the emblem (and saw how it integrated with our learning about Noah and the olive branches which the dove brought back), as well as the National Anthem, Hatikvah. We also learned about the various people who have led Israel, including David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, and many more! We learned that the President in Israel isn’t as important as the President in America – it is the Prime Minister who has the power in the K’nesset!!

We are beginning to learn about the upcoming holiday of Purim, which has many important aspects. This year we will be focusing on the Four Mitzvot of Purim – hearing the Megillah, having a festive meal, sending gifts to friends, and donating money to the poor. We will also be creating our own class Megillah, as well as doing several other fun activities about this joyous holiday – including making fun Purim board games!!

We are also continuing to learn about Kabbalat Shabbat in preparation for our ceremony on MARCH 27th!!! Many students already have a beautiful “Shabbat Box” from AJA, so we will be making a few items to add to this box, but also learn about Shabbat in a much more in-depth way! We will focus on the ‘Al Netilat Yadaim” blessing for washing our hands – we have begun to incorporate this into our pre-lunch routine so the students know it happens every day, not just on Shabbat, but on Shabbat it has elevated importance! I also look forward to spending some time in the kitchen and making various Shabbat foods with them – YUM! If any parents or grandparents want to come teach us a family recipe, that is very welcome!!