2nd Grade, Mrs. Schwartz & Ms. Farber

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Welcome to our very first online Beehive! We’re so excited about the new website, and we hope it makes communication simpler for everyone.

This month we’ve been focusing on our Inventors and Inventions unit, and the students have designed some really innovative products. First grade parent Steve McDaniels came in to teach us about the difficult process of getting a patent, and we took a look at several different inventors, like Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, and several child inventors, which helped us find some inspiration for creating our own products. The students wrote essays about their inventions with information like who is their target audience, why it is a useful product, and what the expected cost will be. They’re also in the process of interviewing a partner about their product on their own “talk shows”.



In math we’ve been studying fractions, and the students have really gotten the hang of finding equivalent fractions and fractions of groups of objects. We practiced finding parts of wholes and groups using coins and pattern blocks. We’re now moving on to studying measurement and distance using rulers and tape measures, and next up is capacity and weight.

Our writing in March has been all about adding great detail and interesting ways of keeping a reader’s attention. We discussed things like adding sight and sound words, beginning with an illustration and then using it to add very specific details, and telling a story orally before beginning to write. A big part of our new writing program is turning and sharing with a partner to generate ideas before writing, and students are really becoming great listeners.

Coming up after Pesach break we have ITBS testing, so we will be spending some time this week practicing our test taking skills. We will also be starting a new social studies unit on Goods & Services, which is going to be a lot of fun. Stay tuned for details!

Happy Pesach!

-Mrs. Schwartz & Ms. Farber