3D Elective, Art-Ms.Slomowitz

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Henna Hands – Originating in ancient near and far eastern countries, using henna is an artistic way to decorate the hands and feet.  This tradition of personal adornment was usually part of a wedding ceremony, special occasion or festival. Intricate designs were applied from a cone-shaped tube with a tiny opening for the henna. Traditionally used for designs are repeating patterns, paisley, sun shapes, animals and plants. Henna artists enjoy using their personal creativity and vision. In the 3D elective the students are practicing the art of Henna without staining their skin by creating a “Henna Hand.” This lesson plan leads the way through creating radial point designs in permanent marker while a glove is being worn. The sense of touch as the design is being created is an important part of the process. Once the décor process is complete the students will cast their Henna Hands with plaster of Paris.