3rd Grade Adventures

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The amazing AJA 3rd Graders participated in another one of their wonderful monthly learning experiences. Last week they had a full day of learning about water. The students excitedly traveled on a bus  to the Meadows Center, owned and operated by Texas State University  in San Marco, where  they began the day in Discovery Hall observing some of the species they would that live in Spring Lake, rode on a glass bottom boat observing the aquifer learned about sustaining water resources for human and animal needs, and exploring our ecosystem. Then we took walk through the wetlands – where land and water meet. Afterwards the students participated in a science investigation using bugs as indicators for pollution. Following we enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch and playtime at a nearby park and finished the day at the San Marcos Marine Resource Center where they study endangered marine animals.  Please checkout the SMILES & pictures below!

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The learning was fun – the day was beautiful and a good time was had by ALL!