3rd grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

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3rd grade the students learnt about the Torah story of Lech Lecha in the book of Genesis. This chapter deals with the journey of Abraham, Sarah and Lot to Canaan. Students examined and learnt about the personalities of each of these characters, their individual experiences and their relationships to each themselves, each other and to God. During their studies the students started to identify with aspects of each of the personalities and started to “walk in their shoes”. This was done by showing students visual material depicting these characters’ painted by famous artists. When examining these paintings the students tried to find the connections to the chapter in the torah. 3rd grade students then choice one of the visuals, that they had seen and felt a connection to and painted portrait of themselves in character of one of these personalities’ in the story of Lech Lecha. these masterpieces are hanging in the stairwell of the AJA.

We have been busy preparing an art project for the “Celebrate Israel’s 70th “ Art Show. 3rd grade are creating Trees of Israel. Each student chose a tree of Israel and printed up a picture so that they would have a visual reference to what this tree looked like. Student artists then drew their trees of Israel and colored them using oil pastels.



Science /Art collaborative projects. Each student is making their very own Solar system. The students have been weaving and binding their cosmos’s and have now started to created their 7 planets and the sun while learning about texture in art.



Gala project- Day 4 of creation for our annual school gala (April 22)each grade level is creating a table top/door mural of one of the seven days of creation. 3rd grade will create the 4th day of creation-the large lights and the small lights- Sun, moon, planets and stars.

We had the wonderful opportunity to have a guest speaker Stamp Artist Katie Conley come and talk to us about her art and show us how she does it and give us a guided tour in the gallery at the J of her art pieces that are hang on show at the moment .