3rd grade Jewish Studies Blog Post

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Third grade is in the middle of a an adventure to find a wife for Yitzhak – just kidding, they’re not actually finding him a wife, but they are reading all about it in the Torah!!! They’ve already learned that finding a “nice Jewish girl” was important even in the Torah, because KINDNESS was the key quality Eliezer was looking for in a match for Yitzhak, and he found it in Rivka, who gives water to him and his camels. Stay tuned to see if she’s willing to travel back to Canaan to marry Yitzhak!


We also read the story of Avraham’s search for a burial site for Sarah, and how he used smart business strategies (always have a witness to your deals!) and came to own land in Israel. Additionally, we are finishing up “Ahavah Raba” and we will soon be starting an introduction to the Amidah during our Tefillah times.