3rd Grade News

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Welcome Back from Passover Break! The students were very enthusiastic to share their week experiences. Our morning meeting went much longer and was filled with laughter over vacation & seder exploits!


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Thursday, May 3rd – Third Grade Planetary Presentation 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. in our beautiful AJA Library (Please arrive by 1:50, we must start on time!)
This Week we have a lot of events on our schedule, here are the highlights:

  • Language Arts: Genre of the Month = Fantasy. Students are really enjoying working in their literature groups, assigning various tasks and participating in wonderful discussions
  • Math: Geometry – this week we will continue to increase our geometry vocabulary using more prefixes. In addition, we will spend time investigating the measurement of angles and learn more details to distinguish shapes and their attributes.
  • Science: We are blasting off with our space unit. The students are rapping up their solar system power point projects. We are continuing to use our Discover New Magazines to learn more about the planets. We will spend some time making a sugary planetary model and then using calculators – make some conversions of our weight on various planets. We will also conduct a rotation drama on the playground!
  • Social Studies: With ITBS testing, we will not have any speakers this week but will be looking forward to 2 next week!!!!

Third Grade is BLASTING OFF to a busy return!