4th grade, Art Cafe, Ms.Slomowitz

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AJA art students are participating in a national school wide art exhibition offered by Crayola.

The overall theme is: Empowering Students through Creative Leadership, while each grade level has an age appropriate theme.

Each student has the opportunity to explore their own personal vision, confront their fears, become collaborators and learn to balance priorities. Finalists in this art contest will have their original art project donated to the U.S. Department of Education to become a part of the permanent collection of children’s art on display in Washington, DC and the department’s regional offices.

Each student whose work is selected for the curated collection will receive $200 worth of Crayola products and a plaque featuring a replica of the student’s original artwork.


We looked at many famous people and learnt that some didn’t do well in school and how they became successful dispite what grades they got or if they were unemployed and poor when had writing  their stories.

The theme for 4th grade was: What are leaders stories?

Student could choose to:

Sketch a storyboard that shows characters, setting, a problem and a solution. Who is the leader in your story? Why?

Draw a community leader who has a story to tell. Write the story from that person’s point of view.

Paint your dream success story. What did you accomplish and how did it feel?