4th grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

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We started out by introducing ourselves in the “All about Me” unit through Self Portraits. We read and looked at the illustrations in I like myself by Karen Beaumont. We drew with sharpie, colored with crayons and painted over our drawings with liquid water colors. Our young artists enjoyed using different art materials.

In 4nd grade the first Element of Art that we are learning is “Color”. Color is the part of light that is reflected by the object we see. In two dimension we mix pigments to create new colors. Color is defined by hue and value.  We defined what popular culture was in his day and what it is now.  Students brainstormed a pop culture object that would best represent them and drew it on a sheet of small paper 4 1/2″ x 6″. Then they placed a Styrofoam printing plate under their pencil drawing and traced over it again so it would carve into the foam.  Once their drawing was transferred and carved deep enough, we began to print.  The students then picked 4 colored papers, and the students printed their mono-prints four times with black ink and brayers.

The gratification is immediate, Students had a lot of fun with both printing techniques and the prints are so cool!

We have started an Ink Blot project based on Stephan Bucher’s daily monster drawings.