4th grade, The Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

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Integration of Texas history/ art is happening in the 4th grade. Each student has chosen an early Texas colonist to research and collect 5 facts about this personality. Once done, each student is creating an Early Texas Colonists plate and placemat based on these facts and illustrating this in a variety of materials such as model magic, acrylic paints, trash to treasures box.

With Passover just around the corner we are focusing on Ancient Egyptian art. Students will be making their own canopic jars. We started out by watching a children’s history video about ancient Egypt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E77WPW0vWw and had a brief lesson about Egyptian art, hieroglyphics, ancient egyptian religion, and about the Sons of Horus. They were a group of four gods in the Egyptian religion. The ancient egyptians believed that the sons of Horus helped their king go to heaven using ladders. Three of them were in the shape of animals. They made them in the shapes of jars and buried them with the mummies. These jars would contain parts of the body while they prepared the body for burial.

Students started by drawing any kind of animal head that has personal meaning to them. And then paper macheing the outside of the Pringle’s cans with newspaper strips. They will then make the heads of their animal out of newspaper and tape it to the top of the lid. After the heads are finished and securely fastened to the lids, students will paint the entire can and head. They may use markers or paints to paint hieroglyphics on the outside of the cans.