4th grade, The Art Cafe, Ms.Slom

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In 4nd grade the first Element of Art that we are learning is “Color”. Color is the part of light that is reflected by the object we see. In two dimensions we mix pigments to create new colors. Color is defined by hue and value. We first read the book Uncle Andy’s by James Warhola. We then saw a power-point on Pop Art and Andy Warhol’s (1928-1987) famous prints.  We defined what popular culture was in his day and what it is now.  Students brainstormed a pop culture object that would best represent them and drew it on a sheet of small paper 4 1/2″ x 6″. Then they placed a Styrofoam printing plate under their pencil drawing and traced over it again so it would carve into the foam.  Once their drawing was transferred and carved deep enough, we began to print.  The students then picked 4 colored papers, and the students printed their mono-prints four times with black ink and brayers.

We are also learning the joys of creating a true mono-print by using a silicone plate called a gelli-plate (it looks and feels like gelatin). Mono-printing on a Gelli plate is simple and fun. While using an Intaglio effect- (pronounced in-TAL-ee-oh). The intaglio method is a printmaking process, in this case using a gelli plate that has been inscribed or etched into. To achieve this, the students spreads acrylic paint over the gelli plate with a printing breyer and then engraves into the paint with a variety of objects such as-scrapers, blunt tools, bubble wrap, etc. A piece of paper is then placed over the image (on the gelli plate) and rubbed thoroughly and then picked up off the gelli plate. The paper has lifted the paint and engraved surface and transfers the image to create an intaglio print. One can repeat this process a few times in different colors to create and interesting image.

The gratification is immediate, Students had a lot of fun with both printing techniques and the prints are so cool!

 IMG_1588 IMG_1591  IMG_1590  IMG_1589