5th Grade April Learnings and Happenings...

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Can you believe we are already in April? Time flies in the 5th grade!

We have started our work on farm, and the kids were actively working and learning like natural farmers! Concepts of abiotic and biotic factors, primary, secondary and tertiary consumers came alive when we learned about the farm animals and soil fertility this first week on the farm. Through a scavenger hunt, Students learned about the working systems of the farm including how they will work at the farmers market, as well as how each animal survived and thrived….Life Science questions we pondered this week and wrote about/discussed: Why are bunny berries the most nutritive and beneficial for soil health? How do horses and pigs interact with the biotic and abiotic world? What creates the warmth within a greenhouse? What are the benefits of an agrihood? Students are excited for their work at Green Gate Farm and will soon reap the benefits of taking a more active role on learning how sustainable farming helps the planet, how Green Gate Farm is a solution to food injustice and more personally, how eating organic farm grown food can affect their own personal health and well being…

In conjunction with our work on the farm, students are reading SEED SAVERS where a dystopic future society exists where people aren’t supposed to be growing their own food…Food justice principles come alive when students decide to take their health into their own hands and learn about plants and growing food from a underground seed saver! As in all true investigations, students will be coupling this sci-fi book with many non-fiction articles connected to themes on the farm: We will learn about food activitists, the pro’s and con’s of GMO’s, eating organic and vertical gardens just to name a few. Students will dive personally into a food theme of their own inspiration, and research to become a mini food scientist. They will create a problem-solution paper, and ultimately create a FOOD FOR LIFE: FOOD JUSTICE AND WHAT IT MEANS TO ME Ted-Talk where they will use research, a cooking experiment, interviews and work on the farm to make their learning come alive. These TED-TALKS will become living, working documents on the Green Gate Farm Education page for people to learn from and share with friends and family!

Last but not least, 5th graders are using geo-boards to dive into our Geometry unit. Students are comparing shapes and angles, creating shapes with specific mathematic criteria and calculating perimeter and area. We will continue to invetigate triangles and their characteristics this coming week to help in various measurment concepts. Additionally, each week students choose personal mathematic projects of interest and explore real world math connected to them! Coming up….we will combine our yearlong math learning to take part in a micro-loan math project…students will witness how math enables the monetary interactions of small businesses to realize their dreams and become change makers in their own towns and communities…

Onward and upward and hope to see each of you on the farm this Spring!

For the love of “AHA” moments in learning,


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