5th grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

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5th Grade

We started out by introducing ourselves in the “All about Me” unit through Self Portraits. We read and looked at the illustrations in I like myself by Karen Beaumont. We drew with sharpie, colored with crayons and painted over our drawings with liquid water colors. Our young artists enjoyed using different art materials.

We started the year with a colaborative Art/social studies project of designing a useful object out of recycled materials-students made eco bricks-plastic bottles filled with snack/candy wrappers.


The Art curriculum at the AJA is based on the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. Our first element of art and Design this year is Color and shape. We will be looking at American Artist-Silvia Silberzweig. After introducing 5th grade  to this American artist, Sandra Silberzweig. We started by mixing Elmers glue and black acrylic in the glue bottles.  We then drew our abstract portraits into blue construction paper in pencil and then redrew over the pencil lines in black glue. So far, we’ve done the glue portion. We will then learn about oil pastels and blending and will color our abstract portraits in with oil pastels.  Students will get to learn and use the color wheel in the project. The kids have loved the process of creating their abstract selfies so far.

In 5th grade our students participate in the Inter-generational Art Program with collaboration with the JCC. We meet once a month and create Art with the Adults in this program. In September we met just before Rosh Hashanah, so painting “Red on Red” pomegranates were appropriate and fun.