5th grade, Art Cafe, Ms.Slomowitz

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We have just completed “Space/illusion-Surrealism/Fantasy” while learning about Salvador Dali,(1904-1989), Rene Magritte (1898-1967)and Maggie Taylor (1961-) We looked at paintings by Dali and Magritte and Maggie Taylor’s montage artwork and discussed the way she illusions using collages of found and digital images. We discussed how she makes her prints by scanning her objects into the computer, where by layering and manipulation she then creates her surrealistic montages.  The students really enjoyed how Maggie Taylor used unusual images to create her montages. We learned how artists integrate technology and the computer into their art process. Some students decided to create their montages using pictures, while others decided to draw their own images.

We have just started our gala Art project.