5th Grade - Austin Zionist Convention!

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AJA’s 5th Graders have been busy learning about an important topic – Zionism!! They are so excited for the 2015 Zionist Convention to be held here at AJA on Wednesday, March 18th – you are all invited! Each group of students has been given a different Zionist from history and will be representing this person’s Zionist vision! They have been busy doing research and compiling information which makes their Zionist’s vision clear to others. Everyone will be voting “Israeli-style” (since elections are March 17th in Israel) for the Zionist ideals which they think will make the State of Israel as strong as possible. This topic is obviously very complicated and nuanced, and after the presentation we will reflect and take time to process what our personal Zionist visions are. We will also explore questions such as “Why is Zionism important?” and “Is Zionism still relevant today?” as well as “In what ways, if at all, am I a Zionist?”. These questions and the discussions around them should inspire some deep, critical thinking in which our students make important realizations about their relationship with Zionism and Israel in order to set a foundation for the rest of the lives!

Fifth Graders have also been learning more about the story of Yosef – particularly as he devises several tests for his brothers who sold him into slavery long ago. These themes of forgiveness, revenge, and “lessons learned” are all important themes that we will be dealing with in the coming weeks.

We will also begin our study of Pesach (Passover) and the Haggadah, so that your students will have important insights to share at your seder in just a few weeks!!