5th Grade Judaics - Joseph and more!

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Shalom 5th Grade Families,

AJA’s 5th Graders have been working so hard during Judaics!!! We are still in the middle of the Joseph story in the book of Beresheet (Genesis), and we will be concluding his story in the coming weeks. This will include themes of revenge, forgiveness, “lessons learned,” and  “conclusions.” We will continue to integrate Rashi, an 11th-century Torah commentator, into each story that we read, and he will help us to take a closer look at the text, as well as find some of the “kushiot” – difficulties, inconsistencies, or questions – which are present in the Torah.

I also look forward to spending a day on the farm with 5th grade, and before I accompany them we will spend class time learning more about Jewish ideas of sustainability, farming, connection with the earth, and more, in order to integrate their service-learning day more fully with Judaics.

We have also been honing in on many of our Tefillah skills in order to solidify them before the year is out – many students have proved that they are well-versed in the Ashrei, but we will continue to practice this long (but very central!) prayer as well as the Amidah and a few other prayers.

I’m having so much fun with 5th grade, and I am so excited to spend the next few weeks immersed in learning with them!!!