5th Grade May Happenings...

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5th Grade Happenings in May…

I can’t believe we are in our last weeks of school! It has been an incredible journey with your children, where I have grown both as a teacher and learner alongside them.

Portfolio Day was a grand success, where the kids were able to spotlight their learning and you were all able to get a little taste of the work that has inspired them this trimester. We continue to share the students TED TALKS: Fifth Graders Sustainable Ideas Worth Spreading….The depth in which they all were able to reach in these projects was a true testament to their learning this year, and the invaluable experience at Green Gate Farm where they have all been deemed JUNIOR FARMERS. Topics of TED TALKS ranged from but were not limited to, the importance of compost, to why vertical farming is the way to feed the future, to sustainable building and why it’s good for the planet. It puts a smile on my face to know that so many of my students will be junior counselors at the Green Gate Farm camp this summer, where they will be able to use their knowledge from their service learning to inspire other kids to love and take care of the earth. This yearlong focus and work on sustainable issues will be great preparation for the awesome learning that will happen with Mrs. Rosenmann in the year to come…This research based TED TALK will culminate with its final piece this week, where the kids will choose a local business connected to their topic, and persuade them to incorporate the practice (or teaching) within their establishments. As always, the kids will see that the relevance and importance of their learning goes way beyond the walls of our classroom.

We are now diving into our final history unit, learning about the CIVIL WAR. Through webquests, a reader’s theatre and students’ building a living vocabulary board, students will gain a deeper insight into this important time in our American History. In conjunction with this learning, we are reading The Almost True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, a beautiful novel that mixes humor, adventure and deep historical knowledge of the times. In the mix of the Civil War times, student’s will be part of a circus, take trips in a hot air balloon, hideout with other runaway slaves and more in a beautifully written text where a boy seeks out to find his brother who was sold illegally into the Union Army. In addition to this reading, students are reading a parent choice, or parents favorite classic, and presenting their final book talk of the year next Monday. This will make 12 novels that we have read this year. Impressive!

In math, students are working on creating posters that will serve as their study guide for the end of the year exam. Working alone or in pairs, students are creating teaching boards to review the 7 chapters of our math learning this year. Both computation and analysis (word problems) are part of their boards and they will each be teaching their portion to their classmates as the review for the final next week.

My sincerest thanks to you all for another wonderful year. Your children inspire me daily to be the best teacher I can be!

Continuing to dare sustainably,