5th grade Oktoberfest in Hebrew class

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Dear 5th Grade families,

This month in our Hebrew community we learned how to conduct conversation on school activates such as: what are you studying? who is you teacher? where do you go to school? We also learned what are the basic opening and closing sentences/phrases used in a conversation.  We continued with studying how to incorporate day to day conversation, how to introduce yourself, and how to structure male and female forms in the sentence. This way the students learned how to ask right questions in the right form when they have a conversation with a female or male counterpart. The learning process included different games like: memory game, Kahoot- an online quiz game and among many others. The kids also learned new vocabulary, memorizing dialogues and acting them out to the class, and writing dialogues and filming them.



The kids learning new vocabulary through games


There going to be a lot of surprises in November,

Ha’morah Rachel