5th Grade Students October and Beyond

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Hello to all,

Well the scavenger hunt to Whole Foods was a grand success! It opened the students eyes/inspired the masses to see beyond their normal purchases and see the many great things that are going on behind the scenes of the products…They related  their findings to the social, environmental and economic components of their current FAIR TRADE research we have been doing in class and have gained a deeper appreciation for FAIR TRADE chocolates, as well as the companies that are using their profits and proceeds to make true differences in the world!

We will take this learning, as well as the research we have been doing in class to dive into FAIR TRADE RESEARCH GROUPS. Students will research products connected to their own personal lives/passions with the ultimate goal of writing a persuasive letter to a local business to:

-encourage them to carry FAIR TRADE products

-share a protocol/invention of their own products to PROMOTE PEACE ON THE PLANET…


We continue to dive into our poetry studies, analyzing spoken word poets, interpreting poems’ messages and the literary devices that are used to paint a lasting picture in the reader’s minds. We spend time daily, reading inspiring poetry and popular song lyrics, as well as reading our novel HEY WORLD HERE I AM. This popular reader spotlights the life of a Canadian Jewish Fifth Grader…where the students have been able to make parallels and connections to their own lives. These all serve as the precursor to the students personal writing experience, that will begin to take place next week, where the kids will write their own poems which will be ultimately performed at our annual 5th GRADE POETRY SLAM.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Nov. 21st Poetry Slam. It should take place from around 10-12 in the morning at Spider House Coffee Shop.


In the next few weeks we will be diving into our first history unit, learning about the early Colonial era, as well as learning about the differences and distinctions between the various colonial areas. Students will read various selected historical fiction novels, spotlighting themes such as religious freedom, personal struggles and the Salem Witch Trials….Ultimately the students will create mini graphic novels connected to a piece of the Colonial Era that personally spoke to them….


Buddy time has been a true learning experience for us all. Today we planted the majority of our herbs and are eagerly awaiting our first planned activity towards our unit of GROW TO HEAL which will be to make some tea and home-made garden hand sanitizer for cold season.  In class, we will couple this learning by reading about Integrative Medicine as well as food’s healing powers.


Thank you, today and always for your continued support! Peace and Love in Learning…Paz y amor en el aprendizaje:)