5th grade, The Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

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With Passover just around the corner we are focusing on Ancient Egyptian art. Students in Life size ancient Egyptian sarcophagi while focusing on concept of Symmetry in Egyptian art. Students are drawing and painting a mask of King Tut while learning about ancient Egypt and the concept of preserving the dead and the idea of an afterlife. We started out by watching a children’s history video about ancient Egypt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E77WPW0vWw

We first drew a “sloppy copy”-to learn the shapes of the face, headdress and collar of King Tut. Students started by folding their paper horizontally and vertically to create a grid that would help them make sure that both sides of their mask would be equal-symetrical. We then drew over the folds in pencil and learnt to draw all the features and details of this drawing in sharpie. They completed their “sloppy copy” by adding patterns onto the collar of King Tut. Students then drew the “real” drawing in sharpie and once their drawing are complete they will fill them with water color crayons and metallic water color paints.

Once the masks are complete the students will be creating life size sarcophagi.