6th grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

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We looked at “line” and explored how it can create an illusion of space. Students then traced around both of their hands and filled the hand space of the page with a curved line in sharpie creating the foreground of their image. They then created the background by drawing a straight line from the hand to the edge of the page. The students then chose to add color to these line drawings. They enjoyed doing these drawings and the results are amazing!

We are still working on “Movement” in 3D space. Students started by building an armature of a human body out of thin wire. Once the pose of the figure was determined the students attached it to the base. The armature and base were then wrapped around in aluminum foil to build out the figure and base. The sculpture was then covered in hardening glue, painted in bronze metallic paint and then burnished in black paint. It will be finished off with a final coat of acrylic vanish.