6th Grade Judaics - Shoftim Project!

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Shalom 6th Grade families!

Today, we began our introduction to Sefer Shoftim – Book of Judges – in the Tanakh. We discussed the context and setting of this book, and previewed some important questions and statements that will arise in our study (many continue with the themes we covered during our study of Sefer Yehoshua/Joshua), such as:

“In those days, there was no ruler of Israel. Each person did what was right in his or her eyes.”

How can I break out of a negative cycle?

How am I like a modern-day shofet (judge/leader)?

There are many challenges when there is a lack of leadership.

In what ways are the Israelite’s struggles similar to our modern-day struggles?


Each student will choose one of the major shoftim and become familiar with their story, create a timeline of the shofet’s life/leadership, answer a few questions about the role of their shofet, and present their shofet in a creative way which explains their shofet’s life as well as allows each student to showcase their individual creative talents.

Many students have already chosen a shofet (Ehud, a left-handed hero and Devorah the female judge/prophet are popular choices so far!), and I will give them plenty of class time to work on their project. However, if students are not using their time appropriately, they will be completing their work at home. This will be an individual project!!!

I look forward to seeing 6th graders continue to explore this important sefer and raise deep, thoughtful questions (some were already raised today!!) about our studies.